HackBallet presents EMANATE Summer Scratch Platform 2021

The HackBallet contemporary dance Scratch Platform returns to Margaret Shepherd Studio Theatre in 2021. This event provides choreographers and dance artists with an opportunity to present dance based performance work in progress to a supportive audience at our home in Hoxton.

Performers Callout for EMANATE – July 30th and August 6th

As London emerges from lockdown this summer, HackBallet takes the opportunity to bring together artists from a variety of disciplines to discuss and express their experiences and artistic commentary on the issues of our time.

This platform shares performances from our community of dance artists, musicians and designers presenting fragments of new work and improvisation, which have been developed or evolved during the unusual circumstances of 2020-2021.

Dance and creativity have been bubbling away underground as many artists have been working in isolation during these challenging times, and connections and community have taken a hit due to the greater priority of protecting lives from the pandemic.

HackBallet would like to reach out to you to reconnect and revive your imagination and inspiration for the summer of 2021.

Performers, dancers, musicians and designers interested in taking part see the Performers Callout for EMANATE – July 30th and August 6th 2021


July 30th & August 6th

How to find Margaret Shepherd Studio Theatre

Entrance via New City Fitness

Redvers Street, London, N1 6NE


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HackBallet XMÆSS | Scratch Platform

20th December 2019 7.30pm

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Artistic Opiates | Creative Cures | Seasonal Sensations

XMÆSS is a collection of new dance concepts from a diverse cast of dancers featuring live and electronic music performances. Expect an eclectic evening of experimental contemporary dance and music, new and in development, where professional neoclassical ballet catalyses physical theatre and improvisation.

This HackBallet scratch platform gives artists a space to toy with contemporary ideas, whimsical fantasies and experimental modes of creation. In collaboration with composers Stephen Packe, Daniel Hewson, Herman Ringer and others, choreographer Briar Adams and invited special guests consider original choreographic propositions with poignance and characteristic flair.

Join the cast and crew for a sensational seasonal celebration after the show… and give 2019 and the decade that was a fitting sendoff.

Stay tuned for updates on the lineup.

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Briar Adams | HackBallet are proudly supported by Studio Wayne McGregor’s #FreeSpace programme.